Town Pastors

We are in the town centre area of Woodbridge every Friday night from 8.30pm to approx 12.30am. Its all about being a positive presence on the streets—both physically and spiritually in prayer, serving our community, reducing the fear of crime, being around to help vulnerable people and listening and talking to people. This scheme is NOT outwardly evangelical, its not about telling people about God, but if people want to talk about faith and initiate the conversation then we love to talk about it! These schemes are all about building relationships in our community.

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Credit Union

Volunteers provide a Credit Union access point in Woodbridge every Thusday morning from 10am to 11am at the Salvation Army in New Street. This is a branch of the Ipswich and Suffolk Credit Union. Credit Unions are member owned co-operatives that offer their members a safe place to save and loans at affordable rates of interest.
We are social enterprises that work to a business ethos in order to give our members professional services that are an alternative to high cost, doorstep and payday lenders.

more information - Credit Union leaflet : lenders compared


Healing on the Streets

Healing on the Streets in Woodbridge has been organised by Christians from different churches in Woodbridge and the surrounding area. Prayer for healing is happening in towns around the country each week as local churches look to share God’s gifts with their communities. Our team can be found just off the Thoroughfare in Woodbridge (alongside Caffe Nero) on alternate Saturday mornings between 10.30 and 12.00.

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Good Friday Passion Play

In 2007, 2011 and 2015 we worked together to perform The Woodbridge Passion in Elmhurst Park on Good Friday. These were attended by many people from the town and we have photos here - Passion 2015Passion 2011 :  Passion 2007